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“I was given my first camera when I was ten as a present from my grandfather. I haven’t been able to put one down for long ever since. Although working mainly in digital now, I’ll never forget visiting my grandfather’s house as a girl with his fridge full of little yellow Kodak films and the excitement that potential gave me.


As a child, and now as a professional, my interest has always been in people, of all ages. From constantly photographing my own children, through to grandparents with their latest grandchild, to new born babies, ever-growing families, and pregnant mums. Each challenge is unique and to have the chance to capture an individual’s story, through my lens, is a wonderfully intimate and exciting creative process. I never tire of it.”


Eaton and Woods are Nikki Eaton and Melanie Woods. Both based in Somerset, they set up their business together through their mutual love of photography and a shared understanding of what makes a good picture.


Creative partners since 2007, their distinctive style sets them apart. Their approach is unique; working alongside one another, they capture the most elusive and spontaneous of moments. Two distinctly personal but entirely complimentary interpretations of every subject.


When Eaton and Woods arrive for a shoot their subjects quickly feel relaxed. With two photographers quietly snapping away – one on close-ups  perhaps, the other taking group shots – the subjects quickly forget the lens and start to be themselves. All their shoots are informal; they favour natural light and surroundings alongside an essential element of quirkiness. The images feel contemporary and timeless at the same time.


At the very heart of their work is portraiture – Eaton and Woods have photographed hundreds of families, individuals, weddings, schools, pets and even a bearded dragon. The pictures always tell a story and reveal the character of their subject, be it a rock ‘n’ roll four-year-old or a doting mother. Each shoot is individual, creatively challenging and fun.


Since setting up in their studio next to the Silk Mills in Frome, they are increasingly taking on more commercial work. They are able to cover all aspects of a commercial shoot including sourcing models, props and location as well as styling.

Nikki Eaton

“I was originally trained to shoot on film. That early experience has stayed with me. My connection with black and white imagery remains the focus of my creative influence in digital. As a mother of three children I understand how crucial it is to preserve your children’s precious moments.


I feel so lucky to be doing a job I am passionate about, and the buzz I receive from clients when they love their photographs, gives me such a high.”

Melanie Woods

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